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Backup: How to create a copy of your data.

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Creating a backup of your PerfectForm Data

If you want to move one or more matter to a different computer, you should back it up and then restore it on the other computer.

Please note that you can NOT save directly to a CD from within PerfectForm. You must save your backup file directly to your hard drive, USB storage device, or shared office network and then burn it to CD separately.

When you click the Backup button you will see a list of all the matters that have been saved.  Use your mouse to select one or more matter, or to select all your matter click the 'select all' checkbox, and then click Next.

On the following screen, choose the location and file name you want to use to back up your select matters.  For example, you might type: c:\backup.pfb.  (If you use the .pfb extension these files will be easy to spot when you restore.)

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