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Quick Start Guide

In addition to the instructions below, you may wish to watch our tutorial video called Getting Started: Saving and printing your first form.

  1. Download & install PerfectForm.
  2. When PerfectForm starts, input your license key
  3. Update the forms you need
    • This is a quick explanation of why we recommend you only update the forms you need.
  4. Under the Matter List tab, create a new Matter
  5. Under the Matter Info tab input the Standard Information for adoption, change of name, domestic relations, estate or guardianship.

    You can also add the names and assets that will be used for this file under Quick Names and Master Input Section respectively.

    This widely used data (such as fiduciary and attorney information) will flow automatically to all of your forms meaning you only input this information once.
  6. Under the Forms tab, complete the specific information on the forms you need.
  7. Save, save to PDF, print, or all three.